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(Hammer, Sword) Earn your family's love. Your ability to make friends is reflected in your weapon's design. (Sword) Make friends with villagers. Color. Black. Your prowess against wolves has turned your weapon black. Kill wolves. Silver. Your marriage to another Hero has made your weapon adopt a silver hue. Marry another Hero via Xbox LIVE or. This sword is a relic in Fable 3 and can be acquired only with great difficulty. it can usually be found in the Sanctuary Treasury Chest or the Bowerstone Castle Silver Chest. The augmentations in the Swinging Sword include Man's Best Friend, Ladykiller, and Swinger. To achieve these perks players will need to make their hero have sex with men 15 times (Man's Best Friend), have sex with 15.

3 Answers. The colour of the blade and will lines normally show up if you use a bit of magic. however the sword mutations are seperate. the first is the handle, (if you donate a lot of money early.. It is believed that Donna, an inhabitant of the arid wasteland on the other side of the tear, had a sister named Shish, who forged her own weapon. Included with Traitor's Keep, but must be unlocked through Fable Coin Golf. Thundaraga - A great Hero called Cumulus imported this sword from a land far away. Despite the extra cost incurred, he believed that lightning coming from the blade nicely complemented his spiky blonde hair. Included with Traitor's Keep, but must be unlocked throug I'm going to look later but right now I'm thinking all swords share the same design as your Hero Sword. Same going for axes, rifles and pistols. - VanBuzzKill Mar 5 '13 at 17:35. Add a comment | 1. First section on hero weapons, second on legendaries, third on mutual. Hero weapons evolve based on specific requirements met and a randomized choice of traits you qualify for upon the opening of. Courtesy of Fable wiki :D-----Blade Currently known Hilt Morphs: * The time spent with other heroes has affected the physical make up of your weapon's handle. (Cutlass hilt) * Being generous with gold. (Eloquent Hilt) * The handle of your weapon has responded to your use of magic by becoming more intricately designed. * Using magic. (Arcane Hilt) * Killing Hollow Men with the weapon, or being. are you talking about the hero sword you got in the beginning or what weapon? level 1. 1 point · 1 year ago. I really wish the game let you pick the weapon morphs. You would still have to unlock them but once you open the chest a list pops up with all the morphs listed but only the ones you've unlocked highlighted. I mean, the whole point of getting rid of armor stats in Fable 2&3 was so that.

Don't really use the sword but I have the hero sword equipped, mostly use the hero pistol ;3 . Necromancer Pokémon Master. Joined Aug 1, 2009 Messages 4,405 Reaction score 567 Points 295 Age 27. Nov 17, 2010 #8 For my official 100% completion good and evil characters, I'm sticking to Hero weapons, but I'm still collecting all the legendary ones. When I start new games in the future, it will. Sword: Master Sword, Master Katana, or Sword of Aeons/Avo's Tear Strategy: Range is your friend. When fighting a bandit, stay far back enough where they don't see you but you can aim for any body part they have. Hold back the arrow for about 5 seconds and shoot their head off. Before engaging anything else, Slow Time, Multishot, and repeat. Fable III weapon morphs and any weapon morph featured by a DLC or Pre-order Bonus weapon seems not to be available for the normal Hero Weapons even if they seem to be part of an existing morph set. These include: The Bloodstone Bludgeon (Bone Hammer) The Absolver The Channeler (Crystal Sword) The Inquisitor (Clockwork Sword) Shardborne The Champion I was unable to get ANY of those unique. This sword can actually be bought in certain weapons shops in Fable 3, and it's worth the buy for the name alone.Besides its humorous name, it does a decent amount of damage, but the bonuses are.

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  1. Fable 3 hero weapons ALMOSt exactly what i wantedChest 1: Always adds runes which change with moralityChest 2: changes the HILT of the weapon: wanted bone, g..
  2. Thanks for watching /) My hero stats that u cant see (Strength 5 stars) so i dont look like the hulk as u can see my (Stature is 3 stars) by only opening the..
  3. Fable 3 ; Hero Weapons: Might Morphin Power Ranged Weapons (and hammers and swords too) Hero Weapons: Might Morphin Power Ranged Weapons (and hammers and swords too) By CheaderMonkey, November 24.
  4. Fable 3 hero sword morph guide Continue. The hero's weapon (sword, hammer, pistol and rifle) are the basic weapon given to your hero fable III during the early quest The New Hero. Left to them by the Last Hero, each of them changes appearance when you open the war chests on the way to the rule, regardless of whether they are equipped or not, and the player can rename them according to his.

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  1. es the chance of finding one: Common: 1/50 Uncommon: 1.
  2. The following is a list of all 51 Legendary weapons (including the Limited Edition one) available in Fable 3 and their bonuses. The locations of generated Legendary weapons, and Legendary weapons found in shops or specific locations are also listed. Hammers (Melee) Aurora's Shield Location: Shops Protector: Kill 30 enemies found near Aurora (+40% damag
  3. In Fable 2, this was parodied by labeling a Tavern in Oakvale The Sandgoose. In Fable 3, when dragging an escaped convict back to the guard, he says I'll make you a deal. You let me go and I'll tell you how to find the legendary Sandgoose. Fable 2 references. In Fable 2, kids ran around pretending to be adventurers. This has now been taken.
  4. The journey to rule the throne of Albion begins five decades after the events of the last chapter, and you play as the child of your hero from Fable II. As you rule your kingdom as king or queen, you will be called upon to make choices and sacrifices that will test your morality and can affect your entire kingdom. Themes of heroism, leadership and consequence are taken to a grand scale as you.
  5. Players need to have upgraded their hero's Physique 5 times, Health 2 times, and Toughness 3 times after their first attempt at pulling out the sword. Players having maxed out stats will be able to pull out the sword right away. 5 Katana Hiryu. Type: Katana. Damage: 215. Base Value: 47775 Gold. The Hiryu which is Japanese for flying dragon is one of the strongest Legendary Light weapons.
  6. Fable Beard Co's - The Hero - They Never Learn - Episode 3. The Wizard | Dec 29, 2020 | 0 comments Well now, that wasn't quite sporting, quipped the Hero. The sword fight commenced, scimitars and sabers clashing. Bystanding patrons dive and scatter, trying to avoid the hacking and slashing wirl-wind moving through the tavern. The Hero was parrying, blocking, and striking with ease.

Playing fable 3 when I decided to do this #fable #fable 3 #fable iii #hero #fable 3 hero #my hero #xbox #xbox 360 #video games #sword #chicken #funny #cool #wings #scales #vault 101 #1989 5 note Everything you need to enjoy Fable 3 and decide the destiny of the Kingdom of Albion! F A B L E I I I By Krysten Stewart Index-(CTRL - F) is your friend!- 001 - Introduction CON - Controls SAN - The Sanctuary RTR - Road to Rule FYI - For Your Information 002 - The Beginning 003 - Leaving the Castle 004 - A New Hero 005 - In Wolf's Clothing 006 - Chicken Chaser 007 - Missing Play 008. Become a hero and create your own destiny. The story begins with the fact that you and your hero find themselves in the epicenter of the events of Fable III. You will have a lot to go from a revolutionary to a ruler Survive - exciting action awaits you, vibrant and dramatic. Interaction with the world of Albion has never been so simple and enjoyable. The Expressions system has a new original. In Fable 2 this was parodied by labeling a Tavern in Oakvale The Sandgoose. In Fable 3, when dragging an escaped convict back to the guard he says I'll make you a deal. You let me go and I'll tell you how to find the legendary Sandgoose. You can obtain a legendary sword called Avo's Lamentation, which is the sister sword to Avo's Tear.

Our Fable 3 Legendary Weapons List has all 51 that are available. Though it is impossible to recommend specific weapon locations due to their random nature, we provide general information on where to expect to find them. Collecting 50 of the fabled weapons unlocks the We Need Guns, Lots of Guns achievement Instead of a conventional pause menu, Fable III brings the player to the Sanctuary, a hub location that the Royal Hero physically walks through. While in the Sanctuary, the player is safe from combat and can access their weapons, costumes, achievements, save files, and system settings. A map is also available, allowing the player to fast travel across the world, view available quests, and manage their properties Fable is a role-playing video game where players control their character from a third-person perspective. The main character, known as The Hero of Oakvale, can interact with people and objects as well as battle foes. The goal of Fable is to complete missions called quests that advance the game's plot, but Fable also features optional quests and allows players to pursue actions not directly. Spawn). #1 The Swinging sword, #2 Avo's Lamentation, #3 The Casanova, #4 The Splade, #5 Hero Sword. Hammers: #1 The Tenderiser, #2 Tanner's Glory, #3 Hammer of wilmageddon, me in at 22/50 for the We need Guns, lots of Guns Achievement. If someone will trade them to me I'll trade them right back.. We Need Guns, Lots Of Guns is an achievement in Fable 3. The Legendary Weapons in. Sword #2: Avo's Lamentation. Description: This weapon is a sister to the Avo's Tear and was forced at the same time, but was lost for centuries. Damage: Level 0: 18 Level 1: 29 Level 2: 39 Level 3: 49 Level 4: 75 Level 5: 99. Bonus: Sword #3: Thunderblade. Description: A great old Hero Thunder is said to have been able to rend the sky with.

The Solus Greatsword has one of the highest damage output in the game. In order to acquire this Legendary Weapon in Fable, players must have completed The Arena quest. In doing so, access to Bowerstone North is unlocked where the sword can be purchased for a very high price of 77900 gold. The price may vary as it depends on the Hero's alignment. Another way to obtain it is by marrying Lady Grey(it's true) and showering her with presents and indulging in flirtatious conversation. Fable 3 Legendary Weapons Guide. By Matt Hughes 05 November 2010. Looking to snag the We Need Guns, Lots of Guns Achievement? Check out our guide to getting every Legendary Weapon possible. In the Fable II chamber of fate, the painting will be shown as the good choice which means that the hero didn't hit Theresa with the sword. But you can still wield the Sword before you hit Theresa or decide to throw it into the vortex. However, it is mentioned by the townspeople that consistency of their historical documents is poor to the point that they question whether or not historians.

In Fable 3, your sword is more or less useless. If you want to take on a group with your melee weapon, you'll have to block, lunge, parry, dodge, charge attack and your opponents will block half your attacks. And that's if there's only one of them. Being surrounded by a crowd makes sword fighting even more unbearable, because after all, why would you want to swing a sword, when you can. Maze Hero Doll - This Hero Doll is located in Hook Coast. Play the Shove Ha'penny game and win with a score of 30 or more to earn it. Scythe Hero Doll - This Hero Doll is located in Snowspire Village. Play the Coin Gold game and win in 10 shots or less to earn it. Jack of Blades Hero Doll - This Hero Doll is located in Bowerstone South. When.

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This page contains a list of cheats, codes, Easter eggs, tips, and other secrets for Fable III for Xbox 360. If you've discovered a cheat you'd lik Sabine, ruler of the Dweller people, challenges you to prove you are a Hero by completing three tasks: Collect your hero parents' trinket, remove the mercenary threat and convince the people of Brightwall to share food supplies with the Dwellers. When the cut scene ends, you are outside the gate. Make your way down the path and through the camp. Go left at the first fork and continue right past the second. Cross the bridge and travel to Mistpeak Valley Super Hero: Fully upgrade your Melee, Ranged, and Magic abilities on the Road to Rule. 50: You Can't Bring Me Down: Complete Fable III without being knocked out in combat. 50: My Weapon's Better. Fable 3 Wiki Guide. The Reliquary. Top Contributors: IGN Cheats, Samuel Claiborn, MarkRyan-IGN + more. Last Edited: 12 Jul 2015 3:37 am. Page Tools. Edit (Classic) Edit (Beta) Flag; View History.

I'm so so so tempted to make a Fable 3 costume as either my hero's outfit or Kalin but my roster is full for 2011. I might persuade/force my boyfriend to be Ben Finn. :reverse: I have to admit yesterday I bought a ton of patterns in case I decide to make a costume (they were on sale, I couldn't resist!) #8: Wenora on 9 years ago [QUOTE=jackle;3686497]I am doing a Fable III group for Anime. A step-by-step Edit guide in order to remove the sword from the stone, your hero must have an updated physique, health and strength attributes. Specifically, after the first attempt to remove the sword, you have to upgrade the physique to 5, health by 2, and strength at 3. You can also get the Harbinger on the first try if each category in the Force is a maximum of 7. Viewers will also tell. Fable 3 sword morphing guide >> Fable 3 sword morphing guide >> [ Read Online ]..... fable 3 hero weapons vs legendaryfable 3 weapon upgrade This is a little technique i use so i can get the morphs i want This doesnt mean you can get every morph, you still need to do the requirements for i . 12 Legendary Weapons can simply be bought from shops around Albion. There's nothing secretive about. In order to remove the sword from its stone, your Hero must have upgraded physique 5 times, health 2 times, and toughness 3 times after your first attempt at pulling the sword from the stone.

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Title: Fable III Complete MULTi12-ElAmigos. Genre: Action, Adventure, RPG. Developer: Lionhead Studios. Publisher: Microsoft. Release Date: May 17, 2011. Languages: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Etc . File Size: 9.89 GB / Split 3 parts 4.90 GB Compressed. Mirrors: Mega.nz, 1Fichier, Google Drive, Uptobox, Uploaded.net. Free Download Fable 3 Complete Collection PC Game - The. Our Fable 3 walkthrough will guide you through the beginning to ending moments of cutscenes and gameplay for the Xbox 360 exclusive, highly anticipated action-RPG sequel from Peter Molyneux and his Lionhead Studios. In the epic story of Fable III, the journey to rule the throne of Albion begins five decades after the events of the last chapter, and Albion has matured into an industrial. Follow/Fav Fables and Legends. By: Nikolaizovski. Ganon is here, and he's not looking for the Triforce this time, this time it's the fabled Master Sword that he's after, who will stop him if Link doesn't have his sword to aid him? Rated: Fiction T - English - Fantasy/Tragedy - Link, Zelda, Ganondorf, Demise - Chapters: 3 - Words: 3,735 - Favs: 1 - Updated: 5/11/2015 - Published: 4/30/2015 - id.

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Here is a list of all the exclusive DLC for Fable 3 that has been released on Xbox Live already: The Shardborne Sword. In-game content. Said to have been forged from a piece of Shard, this weapon. The Hero's Triumph on Cataclysm's Eve, wins three Symbols of Virtue. The Master Sword he will then retrieve, keeping the Knights' line true. While none living possess the knowledge of this sword's true origin in all of Hyrule, the Blade of Evil's Bane is said to possess the spirit of an original servant of the Goddess The Double Edged Sword of Fable 3 By Sweep November 8, 2010 23 Comments Fable 3 is, in many ways, a clear regression from much of what defined Fable 2. For reasons unbeknownst, gone are much of what made Fable 2 such an interesting and innovative game in the first place This additional content pack contains the following items; Full Thunder Hero Outfit, Full Whisper Hero Outfit, Full Guildmaster Hero Outfit, Rise of the Fenix Sword, Kraken Catcher Giant Hook Weapon, Big Clucking Hammer Chicken Hammer. These items can be found at the in-game shop in the Heroes Guild High quality Fable Video Game gifts and merchandise. Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours

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Soyons net et précis : FABLE 3 est un jeu qui mélange bien des styles tout en les survolant : beat'them'all pour les combats, Civilisation-like pour la gestion du royaume, Sims-like pour les relations humaines, Guitar-hero like pour les métiers. Rajoutez à cela des dialogues de film interactif. Assurément apprécié par les joueurs débutants ou casuals - rajoutez 2 voire 3 points à. Dec 13, 2018 - Explore moobag's board Fable 3 on Pinterest. See more ideas about fable 3, fables, fable 2 Being a Hero. Attributes And Spells. In the world of Fable, your Hero's abilities will be based upon his three primary attributes. Each of these corresponds to one of the three major playstyles.

The Swinging Sword (20 points): Hit 3 enemies simultaneously with a single flourish like you're a real swinger. You Are A Super Player (30 points): Find all 30 silver keys. In unrelated news; the Fable Anniversary Strategy guide is available now! Fable Heroes (15 points): The Bowerstone Teacher is on the lookout for Hero Dolls, help him find them Fable: The Lost Chapters Game Guide is also available in our The Sick Child Beardy Baldy Book Collection Bandit Toll Darkwood Bordello Treasure of the Ghost Pirate Collect the Hero Dolls Fight Club Chapel of Skorm Temple of Light The Sword in the Stone Archery Competition Ghost Granny Necklace Murder With a Twist Assassin Attacks Hidden Booty Hunt Mayor's Invitation The Tear of Avo Ending. Fable 3 PC. Editeur : Microsoft; Développeur : Lionhead; Plateforme : Xbox 360; Sortie : 29 Octobre 2010; Fable IV sera-t-il présenté à l'E3 ? (13) Fable 3 inaugure les soldes de Noël sur. (0) Les nombreux DLC pour Fable III PC (12) Fable III PC est disponible (3) La démo PC de Fable 3 n'est plus (11) Voir toutes les news. Index forum. Un remaster pour la trilogie Mass Effect. (28.

Fable Anniversary - REDUX. FA: REDUX is a complete overhaul of Fable Anniversary, which rebalances and alters the entire game. Everything has been rebalanced, cut content has been restored and there are new chests to find. Overhauls ; By AlexanderTheAlright98; 37.2MB ; 7-- View mod page; View image gallery; Good Looking. This will replace the skin texture so the hero looks younger. Optional. Fable 3 starts with you as a prince or princess, you are the child of the Hero from Fable 2. Your brother Logan is currently sitting upon the throne of Albion, but he's a very unpopular leader. The Hero of Lore is whoever they need to be to save the day. They are the main character of Dragon Fable. Tier: 7-C, 5-B with World Destroyer, 4-C with Ultimate Bacon Orb | 6-C, 5-B with World Destroyer | At least 6-C, 5-B with World Destroyer Name: Player's choice Origin: AEverse(Dragon Fable) Gender: Male/Female Age: Unknown Classification: Hero Powers and Abilities:Superhuman Physical. I mean a good example is The Harbinger from Fable 1, while it isn't the best sword, it definitely gave you something to be like, Bro, I need to get this fucking sword, it looks so dope! Or just the overall fact that you are an absolute TANK when you max out your physical stats. I found myself grinding for hours just trying to get my stats up, just so I could stop getting my ass kicked when a. Fable 3 ; Show us your hero weapons! Show us your hero weapons! By Skyroshroud, November 5, 2010 in WOW that sword looks completely badass. Like seriously omfg. Lol. Link to post Share on.

Could I do a hero save during the first TLC mission and return to an earlier point, keeping my Sword of Aeons? There's a way pretty early in the game (once you get Summon lvl.1 and Assassin's Rush lvl.1) to get the Sword of Aeons. If you use this trick, then you can get both of the swords Fable III is an action role-playing open world video game, developed by Lionhead Studios and published by Microsoft Game Studios for the Xbox 360 and Microsoft Windows.The third game in the Fable series, the story focuses on the player character's struggle to overthrow the King of Albion, the player character's brother, by forming alliances and building support for a revolution A quick video on how to unlock the achievement, The Swinging Sword in Fable Anniversary Fable is a role-playing video game where players control their character from a third person perspective. The main character, known as The Hero of Oakvale, can interact with people and objects as well as battle foes. The goal of Fable is to complete missions called quests that advance the game's plot, but Fable also features optional quests and allows players to pursue actions not directly.

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Search Search Xbox.com. Cancel 0 Cart 0 items in shopping cart 0 Cart 0 items in shopping car In Fable 3 for the Xbox 360, there are six demon doors scattered around Albion that you can open for hidden treasures. To open each demon door, you'll have to perform a specific task to please the door enough to open it. Aurora Demon Door. This demon door simply wants you to be 100% good or evil. Once you are 100% in either of these, the door will open for you and you'll find a legendary. Connie Remswood, one of Albion's greatest heros, has just finished her last quest, and is ready to hang up her sword, when an unlikely face from her past comes to call. A fellow hero named Reaver, whom she has had many negitive run-ins with, returns once again to cause trouble. But when things t.. Free: Fable 3: Channeler Sword & Crystal Tattoo code (Xbox Live) + DJ Hero 2: DJ Tiesto pack (Wii Online) - Video Game Prepaid Cards & Code Your hero's starting weapons (an axe, sword, pistol, and rifle) change shape depending on your actions. If you earn lots of gold, your sword may grow a gilded handle; or, if you like magic.

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Fable Anniversary Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1- Fable 1 [Full Game] Playthrough on XBOX ONE. Fable Anniversary Walkthrough has All Main Quests, And a Ending.. fable, sword of aeon, Sword of Aeons, fable armor, fable helm. Hello all, I very much liked the original upload but it had a great deal of issues, and i never really bothered with it until now, so here is a fix with a bonus brand new sword of aeons, and specular and fancy maps added to all! This pack contains: The Sword of Aeons (Bastard sword) Fable Knight Armor; Fable Knight Helmets x2. Fable 3 E3 Screenshots » PRESSKIT_FableIII_Screenshot_Female Hero Sword_06142010. Actions Comments RSS Trackback; Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Enter your comment here... Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Email (required) (Address never made public) Name (required) Website. You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. ( Log Out / Change ) You are commenting using. Microsoft Rejected Fable Dev's Idea to Put Black Woman on Fable 3 Cover - Report I was screaming at them in conference calls. By Eddie Makuch on May 13, 2016 at 7:43AM PDT. 348 Comments [UPDATE.

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Title: Fable III Complete MULTi12-ElAmigos. Genre: Action, Adventure, RPG. Developer: Lionhead Studios. Publisher: Microsoft. Release Date: May 17, 2011. Languages: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Etc . File Size: 9.89 GB / Split 3 parts 4.90 GB Compressed. Mirrors: Mega.nz, 1Fichier, Google Drive, Uptobox, Uploaded.net. Free Download Fable 3 Complete Collection PC Game - The. hero. This Fable fan art might contain packing box and packing case. PkmnTrainerJ and claire-aka-bob like this. 2. Fable III. added by cynti19. Source: mobygames. 4. Online competitions.. Then, you will be given the Sword of Aeons. Dont do anything!!! (Dont throw the sword into the vortex, or kill your sister!) press BACK, and then go to HERO SAVE. Save it in the same place as last. Fable 3-SKIDROW crack only, Fable 3 Update-SKIDROW. It's a Revolution! Fable III is the next blockbuster installment in the highly praised Fable franchise. Five decades have passed since Fable II, and Albion has matured into an industrial revolution. However, the fate of the kingdom is at peril. Serial key for iexplore 4 0. Title: Fable III Complete MULTi12-ElAmigos Genre: Action, Adventure.

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Evil Hero concept art from Fable. Saved by James Bowman. 19. People also love these ideas. Watch this Fable video, fable the lost chapters {sword in the stone}, on fanpop and browse other Fable videos Image of Fable 2 3D render: Hobbe for fans of Fable. I hated these fudgers in Fable 1, I really did. But despite the Mage Hobbe's ability to make me very frustrated and completely ruin my Combat Multiplier, they look amazing in this Fable 2 screenshot

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This Fable photo might contain high altar, vault, and fan vaulting. PkmnTrainerJ, ShadowFlame and 1 other like this. 3. Fable 1 Fresco Banner (Good Vs Evil) added by knifewrench. Source: Lionhead Studios and Knifewrench. 2. Tous les jeux > RPG > Fable Anniversary > Contenu téléchargeable > Fable Anniversary - Scythe Content Pack. Hub de la communauté. Fable Anniversary - Scythe Content Pack. Ce contenu nécessite le jeu de base Fable Anniversary sur Steam pour fonctionner. Toutes les éval. : moyennes (26) - 46 % des 26 évaluations des utilisateurs et utilisatrices pour ce jeu sont positives. Date de parution. Photo of Fable 2 concept art The milk maid for fans of Fable 129861 Interestingly, Fable 3 introduces yet another cool player option in the franchise: ruling an empire.The Royal Hero eventually becomes the King or Queen of Albion at some time in the game, and they.

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Photo of Fable for fans of Fable 3027932 Shop high-quality unique Fable T-Shirts designed and sold by artists. Available in a range of colours and styles for men, women, and everyone Fable™ II is the true sequel to the wildly successful original that sold more than 3 million copies, offering even more choices and building on the core gameplay theme of Fable, where a player's every decision continually defines whom they become. Fable II is an action role-playing game (RPG) that truly allows players to live the life they choose in an unimaginably open world environment The younger person is Rose, the hero's sister. The older one is Theresa, the new Guild Master, screencap. fable 2. rose. theresa. This Fable screencap might contain rue, scène de ville, milieu urbain, ville, scène, urbain, cadre, and mise en scène de rue. claire-aka-bob and PkmnTrainerJ like this . 8. Coloured tatouages (set one) added by knifewrench. Source: Me. 7.

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Image - Evil HeroOakvale - The Fable Wiki - Fable, Fable 2, Fable 3, and moreAmazonKnights Fable Fantasy Mmo Rpg Online Hero Heroes KingGreatwood Cullis Gate (Lookout Point to Greatwood Caves
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